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We are Nexcel

Nexcel is built by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Human Resources and Labor Relations in the mining sector. We have in-depth knowledge of the requirements and opportunities for the service’s improvement, having first been customers before becoming suppliers. We use this experience to help us deliver a service based on knowledge, experience and the development of technologies to improve organizational productivity.

Nexcel Spa 

We are dedicated to perform and manage process of Human Resources and Labor Relations, delivering solutions that add Value and increase Productivity of People. We Have an integral approach to Transforming your company in High Performance Organizations.

Norman Carrillo Muranda

Business Engineer, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and International Commerce. Post graduate in Strategic Human Resource Management, 15 years of working experience and performance in the Human Resource area developed in the great copper mining industry. BHP Billiton – Pampa Norte (Cerro Colorado – Spence), Escondida Mine and “Doña Inés de Collahuasi” mine are part of their work history. He has specialized in Human Resources Process Management and Labor Relations, focusing on the improvement of administrative processes.

Patricio Sepúlveda A.

Freddy Alday Sfarcic

Engineer with outstanding experience in the area of IT. With strengths in the development of the systems, WEB applications with quality criteria and the handling of several programming languages and a great knowledge in softwares development.

Felipe Rocha

Josselin Araya Torres

Industrial Civil Engineer, specialized in management, graduated in Arturo Prat University. Experience in Human Resources in great mining companies, in the areas of services to the employees and training, planning, coordination and execution of development plans for supervisors, operators and maintainers.

We know very well the requirements and opportunities for improvement, because we were costumers before being suppliers

Luis Uribe 100, office 601, Torre Capital Iquique building, Chile


Phone: +56 57 2269132