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We Are Nexcel
Nexcel is built by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Human Resources and Labor Relations in the mining sector. We have in-depth knowledge of the requirements and opportunities for the service’s improvement, having first been customers before becoming suppliers. We use this experience to help us deliver a service based on knowledge, experience and the development of technologies to improve organizational productivity.
Our Proposal
We help our clients by simplifying and standardizing their tasks. This is done through process management and control, development of 100% cloud based platforms, and professional services.

We support the Human Resources and Labor Relations areas in management and control of key processes related to their personnel, contractors and subcontractors.

We free your teams from administrative and routine tasks so they can focus on decision making, leading to better results.

We minimize labor risks and exposure to conflicts generated by contractual breaches relating to labor and subcontracting.

We contribute to improve productivity by minimizing costs and time allocated to processes, creating real value for the organization.

People Productivity System
Our People Productivity System platform was the winner of the 2016 version of the Regional Support Program for Entrepreneurship (PRAE), from the Ministry of the Economy (CORFO). This initiative is an integrated process control and management tool that measures and improves the productivity of people within their organizations, thus minimizing associated timescales and costs.
Human Resource Management

We take responsibility for controlling and managing Human Resource processes, assisting our clients in identifying problems, and delivering solutions that range from administrative interventions, to the development and implementation of 100% cloud based platforms.

Labor Relations Certification

Verify and certify compliance with labor and pension obligations in accordance with the provisions of Law 20.123 (CH), as well as verification of standards related to safety, operations, process management, health and operational safety, environment, financial, among others related to the management of companies subject to verification.

100% Cloud based platform

We have developed our own digital platforms to control and manage administrative processes. We identify your company’s needs, designing and creating systems that facilitate your work. This guarantees availability and quality of information. Our technological solutions are made according to the unique circumstances of each organization.

We know very well the requirements and opportunities for improvement, because we were costumers before being suppliers

Luis Uribe 100, office 601, Torre Capital Iquique building, Chile


Teléfono: +56 57 2269132