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People Productivity System

Our People Productivity System platform was the winner of the 2016 version of the Regional Support Program for Entrepreneurship (PRAE), from the Ministry of the Economy (CORFO). This initiative is an integrated process control and management tool that measures and improves the productivity of people within their organizations, thus minimizing associated timescales and costs.

What it does

Manages and controls processes such as: accreditations, site access, audits, personnel services, control of personnel, among other processes; for contractors, subcontractors and your own personnel.

Delivers performance indicators of processes, timescales, trends and associated costs.

Ensures compliance with strategic plans, objectives and budgets.

Process information is validated and segmented automatically and reliably.

Operational results are linked to people, in order to obtain productivity ratios.


Reduces timescales and costs for each process.

Provides hard indicators of productivity correlated with one another.

Allows easy access and availability of information (mobile devices and cloud).

We know very well the requirements and opportunities for improvement, because we were costumers before being suppliers

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